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I brew my own beer.

I'm also interested in things that have to do with War and Violence.

Finally, I'm gay and a sneakerhead. Confused? I hope not. If you are, you've got bigger problems.

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NASA’s Starshade

This animation shows the prototype starshade, a giant structure designed to block the glare of stars so that future space telescopes can take pictures of planets.”

(That last GIF is a prototype,..it’s like we’re using the natural mechanics of flower petals for space..so awesome.)

One day this may be used to take the first picture of another Earth. 

Imagine grabbing a telescope and looking into the sky and seeing one of those reflecting back at you and knowing another civilization is taking a pic of our planet in their own research in pursuit of other life?

Would you wave?

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Stephen King being Stephen King

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What It's Like to Be a Gay Sneakerhead in a Bro-Driven Culture →

I wrote this piece about what it’s like to be a gay sneakerhead. On Complex. A lot of people had a lot of reactions. It’s not very long.

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peteforester asked: When are you going to post the "What if Episode VII Were Good" video?



That would require Episode VII to be released in theaters and for it to bad.
The first of those two components has not even happened yet.
And why would you wish for a bad movie?

That time I asked a question to the cute boy at belatedmedia as a joke and he got serious about it. : (

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Today a barista told me I should be Tumblr famous.

So, what’s going on guys? Why can’t we make this work?

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#BEEN #RUNNING. Huge shouts to @kavitakumari and @offspringhq. Keep hitting the cobblestones.

#BEEN #RUNNING. Huge shouts to @kavitakumari and @offspringhq. Keep hitting the cobblestones.

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Whats his name???? I need this base name now!


Whats his name???? I need this base name now!

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